Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sad, sad....

I am new to Muscat and new to the blogging scene. I have been reading most of the Muscat based blogs with interest, and all of them seem and honest and intelligent, except perhaps Muscat Confidential, who is a major disappointment. He uses abusive language and has an air of cocky self assurance that his sarcasms are humorous and well received. But no, I think that he is not only an egoist, but crosses all limits of decency and fairness.

I refer, in particular, to his recent post on an article on cervical cancer in the newly launched Muscat Daily. I am no journalist myself, but I fail to understand why, when an article mentions where a particular medicine is available, it becomes a PR? Don''t the readers have a right to know where they can get hold of the vaccine?'

Again, I think Muscat Confidential has missed the whole point of the story, which is that the vaccine IS finally available in Muscat. Someone has to first talk about the vaccine, before going on about the degree of its efficiency. Or I am wrong?

So Muscat Confidential, I urge you to be a tad more diplomatic and fair when criticising others. I am not a journalist but I respect the breed and do not claim to publicise more than I know. Through that comment you, Muscat Confidential, have exposed how little you know about the profession. It would be my suggestion that before you start lambasting others, you examine your own inadequacies. And learn the basics of journalism.

Just a suggestion. For the common good.


  1. I have to say it's interesting to have this post as your first post ever!

    MC is quite sarcastic and this could be offensive to some readers but I suppose it's his own style, and that's what blogging is all about. He doesn't have to be respectful, nor to be fair in his criticism. He's not a journalist, and his blog is nothing "official", it's just a blog.

    I do disagree with a lot of what he says, and I realise that a lot of his posts don't show the whole picture, but he still brings on valuable info and in the end - it's his blog! He's free to write in whatever style he wishes to!

    Welcome to the Oman blog-sphere, and waiting for more posts from you :)

  2. Yes, welcome, and looking forward to seeing your next posts.

  3. Come on, now you HAVE to perform. Looking forward.

  4. Before jump, think twice:

    Chinmay Chaudhuri, Designation Editor, Times of Oman. He is all in all of this newspaper house. He can kick out any body and pull any body in, doesn’t matter his/her label of experience. In addition, he proudly announces that in the shop floor with a loud voice.
    Step jump would be always positive if you have confident about the end-result and on your self.
    Mr. Chinmay worked with Oman Tribune (not more than a year). He left (kicked out) from there and joined Gulf News daily newspaper as a Financial Writer. After few months, he kicked up from that newspaper also. After that, some how he hypnotizes the top management of his current employer with his fake profile and managed to capture the Editorial post.

    Now the question is, “How he will manage the professionals?”

    I am a professional artist, illustrator, and designer. I worked with various media (digital and print) in India. I joined here as an illustrator, Cartoonist and consultant designer.
    As an editorial cartoonist everyday morning I used to go and try to consult with editor for his valuable political perspective. However, he refused to provide me any thing. Instead of providing me any kind of political stand, he tries to give me the knowledge about composition and style of illustration. But I know I am good enough in that area.

    Times of Oman have lot of good reporter and desk team with ex-Reuters, ex-Times of India, ex-Financial Express India, ex-Outlook Express. Those people are highly dissatisfied and bored. In addition, this is natural, if the editor is like that how a professional can accept good work environment.

    A senior reporter asked to editor “I don’t have data, so how can I make it bigger?”
    Editor replied, “Copy something from a famous rival newspaper and pest it somewhere inside and make it bigger.”

    Same type of incident happened with the other reporter also. In his/her case, editor asked to copy pest from famous search engine.

    One more thing happened with me. This is height of every thing.
    October 31, 2009 news published all over the world that, “Karzai Rival Said to Be Planning to Quit Runoff (New York Times)”. In addition, the very next day November 01, 2009 the news was published throughout the world that, “the election was canceled. Mr. Abdullah Abdullah quitted the election.”

    However, my respected editor published an editorial cartoon on the top of editorial page about Second round election of Afghanistan.
    If anybody did that, at any of the world newspaper or media, he/she must be sack.

    This incident is very similar with Reuter’s photographer Mr. Adnan Hajj’s incident. People know what Reuter did with Mr. Adnan.

    However, we want best of luck for our respected Editor for his carrier. In addition, thank you for giving us a good lesson. That is “Don’t jump steps, go up properly, other wise…..”