Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sad, sad....

I am new to Muscat and new to the blogging scene. I have been reading most of the Muscat based blogs with interest, and all of them seem and honest and intelligent, except perhaps Muscat Confidential, who is a major disappointment. He uses abusive language and has an air of cocky self assurance that his sarcasms are humorous and well received. But no, I think that he is not only an egoist, but crosses all limits of decency and fairness.

I refer, in particular, to his recent post on an article on cervical cancer in the newly launched Muscat Daily. I am no journalist myself, but I fail to understand why, when an article mentions where a particular medicine is available, it becomes a PR? Don''t the readers have a right to know where they can get hold of the vaccine?'

Again, I think Muscat Confidential has missed the whole point of the story, which is that the vaccine IS finally available in Muscat. Someone has to first talk about the vaccine, before going on about the degree of its efficiency. Or I am wrong?

So Muscat Confidential, I urge you to be a tad more diplomatic and fair when criticising others. I am not a journalist but I respect the breed and do not claim to publicise more than I know. Through that comment you, Muscat Confidential, have exposed how little you know about the profession. It would be my suggestion that before you start lambasting others, you examine your own inadequacies. And learn the basics of journalism.

Just a suggestion. For the common good.